The informal blog of a 23-year-old icelandic horse enthusiast with 15 years of equestrian education under her belt. I worked as a professional horse trainer in Iceland for nearly three years, but now I'm back in the US, working as a trainer when I'm not in school - I'm also a university student in my hometown, a big city in the Northeast US. I ride and compete on my own horses whenever possible and do my best to find balance in my insanely busy life. I'm young and still learning, so my opinions will change and evolve along with me as I grow as a horseperson :)
On this blog, I post pictures of my horses, share my experiences and thoughts on horse training and horsemanship, and reblog pictures that interest me.
I'm very happy to answer questions or just talk, particularly about Icelandic horses :) Especially if you're located in the US, I may be able to get you in touch with Icelandic horsepeople in your area.
Below, you can find links to different pages on this blog: Tags for different topics can be found on the Discussions page, while tags and bios for me and my horses can be found on the About page. Enjoy!
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